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Commitment to help

CAMASE’s corporate philosophy is not just about generating profit and being successful, but also about knowing how to share this profit and success with others who have not had such good fortune in their lives.

CEO Boris Lorenc is seen by his team as an open-minded person, as someone who doesn’t remain indifferent to human misfortune and tirelessly supports institutions helping those who are ill or suffering. He provides equally enthusiastic support to researchers and activists from his native region, who work together to conserve the knowledge and experience of our ancestors for future generations.

Collectively we support:

Cancer patients - Association of Friends of the National Cancer Institute
Talented children - the SK Flipper Brezno swimming club
Stray animals - Topoľčany quarantine station
The handicapped - the Betánia diaconal association
Researchers - Publication of books by Ms Viola Haršányová, regional researcher

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Efficiency is our priority

Active energy management is based on the systematic monitoring and metering of power consumption, an analysis of the results and the control of operating conditions.