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Energy management

Energy management is a fundamental component of our company’s services. This service is for clients seeking economic returns on energy efficiency and savings.

While we recommend no-cost or low-cost measures, measures of an investment nature are not completely ruled out during this process. We primarily strive to provide opportunities to decrease energy consumption, increase the efficiency of the equipment being used and improve the client’s overall energy management.

Active energy management is based on the systematic monitoring and metering of power consumption, an analysis of the results and the control over operating conditions. We also complete reports and analyses on balances to quantify absolute and real consumption and monitor emission limits for clients. The integration of energy management into existing energy-related activities is a given, always with the goal of improving energy efficiency. Within these services, clients essentially receive instructions concerning operating staff, opportunities for retraining, analyses of contracts with subcontractors and analyses for optimum energy management operations.


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Energy management – our primary activity

This service is designed to resolve energy management issues for our clients. Energy management includes:

  1. collecting data on media consumption, checking invoices from suppliers and analysing utility prices
  2. assessing balances in the form of monthly and yearly reports
  3. targeted identification of energy savings
  4. administrating controls and instrumentation
  5. advisory and consulting activities involving legislative requirementsí
  6. simplifying administrative structures
  7. providing the highest quality services

Audits and consultations

As the starting point in this process, a clear picture of the client’s current energy management is gathered through on-site inspections and applicable documentation. This results in an assessment of the situation and serves as the basis for proposing efficiency measures. This report includes the pricing of individual measures, calculating the returns on investment for such measures and identifying specific environmental benefits and recommended financing – all customised on a client-by-client basis.

Efficiency assessment

We determine the current condition of the equipment being used as part of our clients’ existing energy management systems. These services include inspecting the efficiency of boilers, heating systems and HVAC systems as per our clients’ requirements, or at a minimum according to the relevant legal standards.

Building technical systems

We offer and provide comprehensive services to clients in the area of operating energy sources and heat management and provide servicing, maintenance and technical inspections for building technical systems and equipment.

Delivery of new technologies

As an ancillary service, we can secure the delivery and installation of new technical equipment and installations. We provide this service to clients in the form of a project, which consists of completing steps from the completion of an initial audit to the delivery of project documentation, providing professional technical supervision and oversight, creating a system for controlling incremental progress throughout the project’s completion and commissioning the installed equipment.

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Efficiency is our priority

Active energy management is based on the systematic monitoring and metering of power consumption, an analysis of the results and the control of operating conditions.