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CAMASE’s primary objective when providing energy services and energy management is to deliver an efficient, long-term concept for energy management to its clients.

Established in 2012, CAMASE ranks among the leading providers of energy services in the field with superior results guaranteed for all of its business activities. The company provides qualified and comprehensive solutions to clients in this area.

Its experts deliver optimal and efficient solutions for energy management planning and resource management.

Designing energy-efficient measures, implementing these measures and subsequently monitoring the results. This is a brief and simplified description of our work, but the underlying theme is our consistent efforts to deliver the maximum possible energy efficiencies to our clients. All the available elements of an energy management system must be included in the client’s energy management plan in order to sustain efficiency gains over the long-term. Energy management services are the company’s primary focus.

CAMASE has reinforced its position on the market and provides services at a highly-qualified level thanks to its track record of successful projects.

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Active energy management is based on the systematic monitoring and metering of power consumption, an analysis of the results and the control of operating conditions.