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Model of cooperation with customers



  • Steam
  • Hot water



  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • HVAC

On-site inspections

Receipt of reference materials

Audit of technical and financial aspects

  • Assessment of current situation (equipment, energy inputs and evaluation)
  • Draft concept of energy efficiency measures
  • Proposal of guaranteed savings
    • Investment costs for heating system modernisation
    • Savings in terms of fuel
    • Savings in terms of energy source operation and maintenance
    • Savings in terms of emissions
  • Overall evaluation and presentation of financial savings and costs


Project preparation


  • Financing model
  • Grant financing opportunities
  • Completion of project documentation
  • Decisions issued by the requisite authorities


Refurbishment and modernisation of operations


  • Refurbishment work
  • Professional construction supervision
  • Application of a progress monitoring system during implementation
  • Handover of the works
  • Commissioning




  • Operation
  • Maintenance

Administration and comprehensive management of equipment and operations


  • Administration and management of operating equipment components
  • Systematic planning of maintenance for operating elements, authorised service and securing specialised inspections
  • Securing competent and trained operators to operate and monitor operating equipment and the control room
  • Completion of documentation for operations




  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Heating medium

Energy management


  • Metering energy usage, analysis, compliance with defined maximum values and target usage values
  • Monitoring of operating conditions and fine tuning of heating equipment to match off-take requirements
  • Monitoring of usage and evaluation of real fuel and heating supply savings taking into consideration weather conditions
  • Completion of balance reports with specification of absolute and real usage
  • Monitoring of emission limits and evaluation
  • Planning energy usage and related costs

The energy management service ensures:


  • More reliable operation of equipment
  • Improved equipment durability
  • Appreciation in the value of the client’s property
  • Reduced environmental pollution
  • Minimised investment risks under our professional supervision
  • Guaranteed long-term operational efficiency
  • Optimised energy costs

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Efficiency is our priority

Active energy management is based on the systematic monitoring and metering of power consumption, an analysis of the results and the control of operating conditions.